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Mother of the Year - Karyn White Sanders

Congratulations Karyn White Sanders, our 2019-2020 Distinguished Mother of the Year!

We celebrate Karyn for her exemplary commitment to the

chapter and our children!

Throughout her tenure in Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Karyn White Sanders was always ready with a sisterly smile, an infectious laugh, a warm word, and a steadfast commitment to the children of chapter. This is why she was selected as the 2019 - 2020 Sanderal S. Brown Distinguished Mother of the Year by the mothers of the Prince George’s County Chapter.

Karyn was an active member in the Prince George’s County Chapter of Jack and Jill for eight years and held the positions of Senior Teen Advisor for three years, Executive Board Member for three years, and worked on the Program, Hospitality, Bylaws, Budget, Fundraising, Community Service and Membership Committees. She also spearheaded the Health and Fitness Fair Thrift Store and Fashion Show. We will never forget her memorable performance as a member of the “Marvalettes” during the "Motown and the Movement" program as well as her choreography of the Senior Teen production.

To the delight of the teens, she was a seven-year Host Mother for the Junior Teen and Senior Teen Retreats. Most notably, Karyn was the chairperson of COPA for our chapter and brought significant refinement to the process for the betterment of our children’s health and enjoyment. The Senior Teens also have Karyn to thank for their commemorative photograph and Senior Teen Journals because of her efforts. Always concerned about others, Karyn instilled the importance of community service and giving back to the Senior Teens.

Karyn did an excellent job of maintaining a sisterly environment for mothers and the children that kept us encouraged. She was a staunch advocate and the biggest cheerleader for “the babies,” as she fondly called the children of our chapter.

Karyn fully embraced our chapter’s mission to provide educational and social programming that enhanced the lives of our children. The Prince George’s County Chapter is proud to celebrate and congratulate, Karyn White Sanders, our 2019-2020 Distinguished Mother of the Year.

With gratitude, we thank you, we applaud you, we love you Karyn!

The Prior Distinguished Mother Recipients, and the Mother’s and Children of The Prince George’s County Chapter, of

Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

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